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Miyagi Run: Days 1-2 [Jul. 27th, 2016|04:37 pm]
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Sometimes I plan these trips for the destinations, and other times I plan them for the paths. This time was unique in that it was planned for neither. I simply wanted to connect Tokyo and Miyagi by bicycle. I made a proper visit out of the trip after arriving, but really the main purpose was just to unlock the achievement of cycling the distance between my two Japanese homes.

I first thought of doing this run back in 2009 when I moved from Tome city in northern Miyagi down to Tokyo. All of my stuff went with a moving truck, so I was free to cycle down by myself. Unfortunately, the new job’s schedule and general busy-ness of moving didn’t allow me the time, so the trip got pushed to the back burner. I still thought about trying it, but only had chances to visit Miyagi on long weekends – not enough time to both ride there and spend time with people. On longer vacations, my focus turned west to prefectures I’d yet to visit. Having completed my step-by-step tour of all 47 prefectures this March, I finally felt it was time to look east again and ride to Tome.

Day 1: Tokyo to UtsunomiyaCollapse )

Day 2: Utsunomiya to KoriyamaCollapse )
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Miyagi Run [Jul. 17th, 2016|12:17 pm]
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yay yay

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Spring 2016 [May. 28th, 2016|01:09 pm]
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+25 pleaseCollapse )
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Bento 2010-2016 [May. 4th, 2016|10:51 am]
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Heavens! Almost six years have passed since my last bento post. It's not that I haven't been making bento. Once I started working multiple jobs on top of schooling, I just didn't have enough time or inspiration to try new things every week. Instead, I fell into a few solid and reliable patterns which have stuck as I turned focus to one job full-time. I tend to cook a big batch on the weekend and eat it gradually over the week for lunch each day. In particular, I found that I like simple slops which can be eaten with a spoon over a bed of rice (ideally a 1:1 brown and white mix). Here are my nine favorite lunches, ranked for your excitement.

#9Collapse )

#8Collapse )

#7Collapse )

#6Collapse )

#5Collapse )

#4Collapse )

#3Collapse )

#2Collapse )

#1Collapse )

I'd like to get back into bento experimentation, but honestly these different go-to's are giving me enough variety for now. Maybe I'll update in another 6 years with new additions.
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Cleanup Run: Soft Cream [Apr. 6th, 2016|08:38 am]
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Delaware grape, watermelon, fig
mentaiko premium umaibo, tomato, tiramisu
natsumikan, strawberry coffee float, nashi
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