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Summer 2015 [Aug. 30th, 2015|08:59 am]
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It's been real.

+23Collapse )
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Tokuchi Run: Soft Cream [Aug. 23rd, 2015|07:49 am]
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sudachi, kubokawa pork
chocolate banana, ginger ice cream + yuzu sherbert
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Tokuchi Run: Days 4-8 [Aug. 22nd, 2015|11:48 am]
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Day 4: Muroto to KochiCollapse )

Days 5 and 6: KochiCollapse )

Days 7 and 8: Kochi to Tokushima to Odaiba to KichijojiCollapse )
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Tokuchi Run: Days 1-3 [Aug. 21st, 2015|12:00 am]
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This trip was a challenge to name, as it was only slightly remarkable in a few different ways, and not exceedingly remarkable in any. I could have named it for the timing, since it coincided roughly with the tenth anniversary of my first cycling trip ever, and precisely with the second anniversary of my marriage and thirtieth of my birth. But that would leave no reference to the content of this particular trip. I could have named it for the few sites I saw along the way. But the course of this trip was more determined by the most direct route to visit Isamu than the sites seen. I guess I could have named it for him for that reason. But that would feel insincere as we never actually rode together. Ultimately I decided to name the trip Tokuchi (徳知) after the two prefectures I’d ride through, Tokushima and Kochi. Together these two characters mean virtuous wisdom. I won't pretend that I got any on this trip, but it was a good time nonetheless.

Day 1: Kichijoji to Odaiba to TokushimaCollapse )

Day 2: TokushimaCollapse )

Day 3: Tokushima to MurotoCollapse )
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Tokuchi Run Plan [Jul. 20th, 2015|12:04 pm]
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